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What is a Wiring Diagram

There are many schematic diagrams used to describe electrical equipment circuits, one of which and the most frequently used is a wiring diagram. Wire diagrams or wiring diagrams are simple work drawings / drawing diagrams that describe a series of wiring or wiring of electronic equipment with the help of symbols in a simplified form. …


Various Types of Ignition Systems

In general there are four types of ignition systems that are popularly used in cars, namely; Conventional ignition system, is the model of the ignition system that was first designed. This system relies on distributor and platinum mechanics as the main features. This system, we will discuss further below. The CDI ignition system, is an …


Conventional Ignition System

The function of the ignition system basically only converts electrical energy into sparks. This spark is obtained from electron jumps in a conductor which has a high potential difference. To obtain a high potential difference, the voltage that flows through the conductor must have a super high voltage. Meanwhile, the maximum voltage of the vehicle …