Guidelines for Designing Wiring Diagrams

  1. The flow path must be drawn in a straight line without intersection.
  2. The mechanical position and interconnection of each part are not depicted in the wire diagram.
  3. A wire diagram must show the operating method and sequence of switching an electronic circuit or control system clearly and precisely.
  4. Magnetic coils or contactor coils must be arranged so that one terminal is connected directly to the control circuit neutral path.
  5. All contacts operated with one contactor have the same designation as the contactor.
  6. Terminals are depicted and given the same number as in the terminal table and circuit diagram.
  7. For large circuits it is recommended that the wire diagram be divided into current lines.
  8. The tool diagram of the divider can be described below the current path.
  9. The normal type of upward contact switch is closed or open (NO / NC), the part where the contact is located must be free.
  10. Each tool section is coded letters to indicate the type. If there are several parts of the same type, they are numbered consecutively.

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