The Names of The Headlight Circuit Components with Two Relays

a) Head Lamp, Its function is to provide illumination for the front of the vehicle, especially when running at night and at certain times such as foggy weather, heavy rain and other situations that require lighting.

b) Relay, Its function is to create currents such as those generated directly from the battery, so that the battery workload decreases.

c) Divider switch (Dim switch), Its function is to turn on the lights remotely and near.

d) The main switch, its function is used to facilitate the ignition of lights in city lights, head lights or vice versa.

e) Cringing (Fuse), Its function is to protect against damage to network lighting systems and short connections.

f) Battery, Function:
          1) Provides electric power in the initial rotation of the engine (starter).
          2) Stabilizing the voltage in the electrical system.
          3) Provide electric power for accessories and other instruments.

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