Various Types of Ignition Systems

In general there are four types of ignition systems that are popularly used in cars, namely;

  1. Conventional ignition system, is the model of the ignition system that was first designed. This system relies on distributor and platinum mechanics as the main features. This system, we will discuss further below.
  2. The CDI ignition system, is an ignition model that uses the principle of discharge (Discharge) on the Capacitor to produce voltage on the coil, this system also still uses platinum as a circuit breaker.
  3. The transistor ignition system, is a semi-electronic ignition system that no longer uses platinum as a circuit breaker but instead uses transistors as circuit breakers.
  4. DLI ignition system, as the name implies the less ignition distributor no longer uses distributor components to distribute the current to each spark plug. This one system is most commonly found in modern machines today. For more details about DLI, you can read how DLI ignition works.

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